Lucky Charms – Profitable St. Patrick’s Day Crafts.

By: Thomas Hunter

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day and big business for everyone specially crafts people. There is always a big demand for various St. Patrick’s Day items like decorations, clothing, gifts and craft projects for children. Here we will go through some of the products that in demand and some that will always remain popular for you to create and sell.


It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day if there weren’t any decorations to brighten the day up and to get people into the spirit of celebration. New, fun and eye catching decorations are always in demand. St. Patrick’s Day decorations are a great place to start when creating craft for the day. Some of the most popular decorations to craft and sell for St. Patrick’s Day are:

· Clover leaf and leprechaun streamers, trees, balloons, cut outs, confetti and figurines.
· Clover and leprechaun napkins, plates, and dishes.
· Four leaf clovers, leprechaun, rainbows and pots of gold displays, wall decals and stickers.
· Happy St. Patrick’s Day signs.
· Making table cloths, mats, chair coverings.
· Leprechaun party hats.
· Irish and celebration flags.


Cards and gifts are necessary for craft workers to get their artistic claws into when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. People are always looking for new, creative and unique items to give to loved ones on the day. Providing such a service can be quite profitable. Some popular craft item's ideas are:

· Hand painting glasses with leprechauns or four leaf clovers.
· Unique cards with something new to say, new designs and artwork.
· Making St. Patrick’s Day wind chimes, magnets, badges and pins.
· Making funny and detailed figurines of leprechauns and clover leafs.
· Jewellery featuring four leaf clovers for good luck.
· Clover and pot of gold gift and storage boxes.
· Irish Flags and patches.
· Making leprechaun dolls and puppets.
· Making candles, soaps and other related gift items.


There is nothing like getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit by dressing up. Creating clothing and costumes for the day can be fun and very creative. You can make anything from the simple to the completely outrageous and it will still sell. Below are some ideas for creating and making clothing:

· Hats, paper, material or plastic ones and of all sizes.
· Embroidering or painting t-shirts and ties with leprechauns, four leaf clovers or with a saying that captures the spirit of the day.
· Knitting jumpers.
· Creating costumes for children and adults alike in good old leprechaun style.
· Making patches that able to be sewn on to clothing.

Craft Kits for Children:

Parents and schools are always looking for St. Patrick’s Day crafting kits suitable for children. Kids love making and creating things and there are plenty of ideas you can choose from, or you can think of one up on your own. Below are a couple of ideas that you could use to make your own crafting kits for kids.

· Paper and beaded leprechaun masks, hats, shoes, ears or even how to make a whole costume out of paper.
· Leprechaun and clover finger puppets and toys.
· Kits for making their own badges.
· Leprechaun, four leaf clovers, rainbows and pots of gold cut outs, book marks, decorations and boxes.
· Easy and fun gifts they can make for others.
· Making cookies, cakes, soaps, bath bombs and other easy related crafts.

All of these St. Patrick’s Day ideas for crafts people easy to create with the right tools, thought and imagination. It is a great way for you to make a profit on the day. It is also a fantastic way to help get yourself and others into the whole spirit and celebration of the day. There are many things that are in demand on St. Patrick’s Day for just about anything you can think of and for almost every type of crafting business there is. The best ways to create something that you know will sell for sure is to come up with a unique plan and make it. Or you could always put a new twist on an excessively used item that will spark buyer’s interests. All you need is a little imagination and a place to sell and you are on your way to making a tidy little pot of gold yourself on St. Patrick’s Day.

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