Top Three Skin Conditions in Cats.

By: Thomas Hunter

Cats that suffer from skin conditions can become quite uncomfortable and will need treatment. Excessive scratching and itching will lead to patchy hair loss, redness, swelling and scabs. If your kitty is experience a skin conditions, check with your vet to see what kind of options are available.

There are three very common skin conditions that affect cats. Most are very treatable with proper medical care. If your cat has itching and scratching, make an appointment with your vet to rule out more serious medical conditions. Fleas, allergies and illness can all cause your cat to have skin conditions.

Fleas: Fleas are the number one cause of itching and scratching in cats. Severe cases of fleas can cause irritation and can even lead to other problems such as intestinal worms and parasites. Most of the time, it is easy to tell if your cats are affected with fleas. Fleas are visible, especially on lighter colored cats. Fleas often hide on the underside of cats. Check under your catís chin, on the belly and under the thighs for fleas. Also, fleas can leave black droppings behind, so if you see what appears to be dirt on your catís chin or belly, chances are, he or she has fleas.

Fleas can be prevented. Your vet can prescribe a monthly treatment that is applied between the catís shoulder blades. These treatments can not only kill and sterilize fleas, but it can also kill the eggs and kill ear mites. Never think that fleas are only a problem for outdoor cats. Fleas can affect cats that are strictly indoor pets. Remember that fleas are very tiny and can come inside on humans or other pets that go outdoors.

If your cat already has fleas, it will be necessary to treat your entire house. This will prevent further re-infestations. There are over the counter sprays that can treat your house. Also, remember to treat the bedding and places where your cat sleeps. Fleas cannot live without a host, but it is still important to treat rugs, bedding and carpets.

Allergies: Just like humans, pets can be allergic to almost anything. Food allergies are the most common allergic reactions that cause skin conditions in cats. In addition, allergies that cause skin conditions can be caused from medications such as topical medications and household plants. Food allergies can cause a cat to suffer from hives or redness or swelling of the skin. Bumps and lesions on the skin can lead to excessive itching and scratching. Chicken and poultry and dairy products are all common allergies in cats. Cats should never be feed table scraps to help prevent allergic outbreaks. In addition, foods such as chocolate are toxic to cats and cats should never be allowed to eat it.

Topical medications and household plants can also cause allergic reactions in cats. Over the counter flea treatments are common causes for reactions in cats. Some cats can develop lesions that look very much like burns on their skin. Plants with oily leaves, such as rubber plants can also cause cats to have a reaction. If a cat rubs against or tries to eat some plants they can have severe allergic reactions.

Illness: Some cats with autoimmune disorders can have skin conditions. These illnesses can also include parasites and mites that cause conditions such as ear mites and mange. With any illness, you should always consult your vet. Your vet can test your catís fur and skin to see what is causing the illness and recommend an appropriate form of treatment. Skin conditions caused by illness can show up in many forms. Some cats may experience hair loss while others may have hives, bumps or lesions. Usually cats with skin conditions will scratch and this can cause bleeding and infections on the skin. Treatments usually include treating the illness first and then treating the skin condition. Your vet might prescribe medications such as topical solutions or might even recommend an injection.

With some skin conditions such as fleas, prevention is the key. With good medical care and treatment of the cat and the catís environment, the cat will feel better and have a healthier life. Ignoring skin conditions can lead to more serious issues and make your cat feel sick and uncomfortable.

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